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  2. HP: Hyundai followed Toyota’s model of building ‘em where ya’ sell ‘em. How has manufacturing in the U.S. changed Hyundai?

    Ferrara: The reality is that unions in Korea are pretty tough. They really drove some of the activity to move production out. (Korea) had a number of years in the mid-‘90s where we had an annual strike. And you also had issues with currency fluctuations (and) a realization that we needed to get closer to the customers. We have design centers globally now — in Germany and here in Irvine as well as Korea. And once you get factories then you have quality teams in factories and . . . more people in the local market feeding back to corporate in Korea.
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  3. German law gives labor representatives half the seats on the Volkswagen’s supervisory board, where some members have raised concerns about the Chattanooga plant being alone among the company’s large factories without formal labor representation. The UAW vote would be the first step toward creating a German-style “works council” at the plant which represents both blue and white collar employees on issues such as working conditions and plant efficiency, but not wages or benefits.
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