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  1. The experience was eerie. I was watching a documentary, The Square, about the 2011 Tahrir Square occupation when the lead character, Ahmed, let out a cry of delight: "The revolution has been won." At that very moment my radio blurted out a voice live from a different square, Kiev's Maidan. "The revolution has been won," it repeated.
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  3. The government has engaged in a series of initiatives to boost economic performance, most recently allowing the private sector to import gas using state networks, Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail told Reuters.

    This move should help address energy shortages that limit production for industrial areas with a cap on their energy usage.

    Energy-intensive industries, such as cement and steel companies, were forced to reduce production in recent years during periods of peak use given domestic energy shortages.

    Ismail said the government has lifted restrictions on companies that were prevented from importing natural gas independently, allowing them to use its networks for gas imports at their own expense.
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  5. Khaled Dawoud was the spokesman for the National Salvation Front, a coalition of Egyptian political forces created in 2012 in opposition to Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi. Dawoud supported the June 30, 2013 protests against Morsi but resigned from his position after the police attack on Islamist protesters in Rabaa El Adawiya Square on August 14, 2013 that left hundreds dead. In October Dawoud was recognized by pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters, dragged out of his car and stabbed in the hand and chest. He is a critic of the Islamist group, but nonetheless continues to argue against its violent repression.
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