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  2. HP: Hyundai followed Toyota’s model of building ‘em where ya’ sell ‘em. How has manufacturing in the U.S. changed Hyundai?

    Ferrara: The reality is that unions in Korea are pretty tough. They really drove some of the activity to move production out. (Korea) had a number of years in the mid-‘90s where we had an annual strike. And you also had issues with currency fluctuations (and) a realization that we needed to get closer to the customers. We have design centers globally now — in Germany and here in Irvine as well as Korea. And once you get factories then you have quality teams in factories and . . . more people in the local market feeding back to corporate in Korea.
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  4. Tesla currently sells its units to consumers through stores owned by the company, rather than dealer franchises. However, according to Green Car Reports, a proposed rule change has been approved that would require all new car dealers to provide a franchise agreement in order to receive a license from the state. Tesla could not produce a franchise agreement with itself.
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