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  1. Protocolo de intercambio de información sobre salud y yo cuantificado.
    Tags: , , por litox (2013-12-08)
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  2. "Angel is the first device designed with developers in mind. Currently most trackers for fitness and health are built for use by a single proprietary app. We want to change that. We are opening up every protocol, API and sensor data stream. Ultimately, this means more apps to choose from."
    Tags: , por litox (2013-10-29)
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  3. MoodTrack keeps track of medications administered, medication changes, user defined observations, notes and events that affect mood and behavior.
    Tags: por litox (2013-09-15)
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  4. Yo cuantificado puro y duro. OpenEEG es realmente interesante.
    Tags: , , por litox (2013-08-02)
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