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  1. Es aquí otro punto en el que el sindicalismo tiene mucho que ofrecer, más allá de defensa de derechos: la creación de alternativas económicas. Históricamente los sindicatos han creado cooperativas y la recuperación de empresas ha sido parte de su estrategia en los momentos de mayor fuerza sindical, además del control sindical de la contratación, como herramientas para hacer frente al desempleo y a las listas negras.
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  2. WHEREAS, our employers are earning record profits while the wages of working families stagnate; and

    WHEREAS, Wall Street and Bay Street have left Main Street behind as our stock markets hit record highs, but unemployment and underemployment remain persistent problems; and

    WHEREAS, in the United States, 95% of income gains since 2009 have gone to the wealthiest 1% of the population; and

    WHEREAS, we now have the highest wealth inequality in the United States since 1928; and

    WHEREAS, wealth inequality has increased in Canada over the past 25 years, with the wealthiest 86 Canadians having as much wealth as the poorest 11 million Canadians; and

    WHEREAS, USW members have billions of dollars invested in pension plans, 401(k) plans and labour sponsored investment plans in Canada, such as the Quebec Federation of Labour Solidarity Fund; and

    WHEREAS, history has proven that these investments of our savings can produce both a healthy monetary return and a social return that sustains and creates jobs and invests in our communities; and

    WHEREAS, we have too often seen the opposite result when we do not influence those investments, leaving Wall Street and Bay Street to gamble with our money in ways that threaten our jobs and destroy our communities; and

    WHEREAS, worker ownership has proven to be fruitful when ownership means much more than just the value of a share; and

    WHEREAS, our former International President Lynn Williams was instrumental in forming the Western Labour/Worker Co-op Council in Saskatoon, SK in 2006; and

    WHEREAS, the USW began efforts of collaboration in 2009 with the Mondragon Cooperatives, the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative with 85,000 worker-owners, to develop unionized, worker-owned cooperatives in the United States and Canada; and

    WHEREAS, our Union partnered with Mondragon and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center to release a Union Co-op model in 2012 to provide a roadmap for workers to gain ownership of their own businesses; and

    WHEREAS, creating sustainable jobs that pay a living wage also helps to create sustainable communities; and

    WHEREAS, we have been active in developing unionized, worker-owned Union Co-ops in Pittsburgh, PA; Cincinnati, OH; Buffalo, NY; and Reading, PA; and

    WHEREAS, the USW has assisted in launching a new worker-owned Union Co-op in Worcester, MA in 2014, where all workers are proud members of USW Local 2936; and

    WHEREAS, the USW supports, a new non-profit formed by Mondragon USA to help incubate and network Union Co-ops in the United States; and

    WHEREAS, we have launched a website ( to provide resources and ongoing updates to our membership.


    (1) Our Union will continue to pursue every responsible avenue to ensure that the investments of the USW and of USW members collectively are used in a way that not only provides a reasonable monetary return, but also provides job security, job creation and invests in our communities.

    (2) Our Union will continue to promote and develop unionized, worker-owned Union Co-ops, as well as other forms of worker-ownership, as a profitable and sustainable means to create jobs and support our communities.

    (3) The USW supports the United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives ( and the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation ( in their efforts to promote and support worker-owned businesses. The USW further supports in developing unionized, worker-owned Union Co-ops.
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  3. El sindicalismo de acción o de representación asamblearia, que está en los orígenes y fundamentos del movimiento obrero, desaparece del horizonte de la llamada lucha de clases. Queda fuera de la ley. Las opciones de plantear una alternativa total al capitalismo han desaparecido de los programas y de los debates obreros. El movimiento obrero nacido en la lucha de clases ha muerto. Su objetivo, incluso en medio de la peor de las crisis, ya no es cambiar el sistema es mejorarlo. Aprovechar su creación de riqueza y participar en el reparto. Algo así como decir: Otro capitalismo es posible.
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  7. HP: Hyundai followed Toyota’s model of building ‘em where ya’ sell ‘em. How has manufacturing in the U.S. changed Hyundai?

    Ferrara: The reality is that unions in Korea are pretty tough. They really drove some of the activity to move production out. (Korea) had a number of years in the mid-‘90s where we had an annual strike. And you also had issues with currency fluctuations (and) a realization that we needed to get closer to the customers. We have design centers globally now — in Germany and here in Irvine as well as Korea. And once you get factories then you have quality teams in factories and . . . more people in the local market feeding back to corporate in Korea.
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  9. German law gives labor representatives half the seats on the Volkswagen’s supervisory board, where some members have raised concerns about the Chattanooga plant being alone among the company’s large factories without formal labor representation. The UAW vote would be the first step toward creating a German-style “works council” at the plant which represents both blue and white collar employees on issues such as working conditions and plant efficiency, but not wages or benefits.
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