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  3. On Tuesday December 16th, a large police operation took place in the Spanish State. Fourteen houses and social centers were raided in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa, and Madrid. Books, leaflets, computers were seized and eleven people were arrested and sent to the Audiencia Nacional, a special court handling issues of “national interest”, in Madrid. They are accused of incorporation, promotion, management, and membership of a terrorist organisation. However, lawyers for the defence denounce a lack of transparency, saying that their clients have had to make statements without knowing what they are accused of. “ They » speak of terrorism without specifying concrete criminal acts, or concrete individualized facts attributed to each of them” 2. When challenged on this, Judge Bermúdez responded: “I am not investigating specific acts, I am investigating the organization, and the threat they might pose in the future” 1; making this yet another case of apparently preventative arrests.
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  4. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said more journalists will be taken into custody, brushing off criticisms over media freedom and claiming that nowhere in the world the media is as free as it is in Turkey.
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  7. L'ús del servidor o la lectura del llibre "Contra la democràcia" són dos dels indicis emprats a la interlocutòria per justificar el seu empresonament
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  9. Remember Napster? It was a solution that was strangled by government. But this action killed nothing. It started a new era of file sharing and online music distribution that has changed the dynamic of the world economy.
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