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  1. As incredible as it seems, the bourgeoisie seem to be turning against the police. In the wake of Ferguson, polls say that about half of us don’t trust them. Obviously, blacks remain way ahead of the curve on this, having been maltreated by the cops for many decades. But with whites catching up, we are starting to see a consensus developing.
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  2. Conservatives want to mimic us, and liberals are scared of us. Max Freeman explains why in The Freeman. “In the peer-to-peer age, you really want to try to solve the world’s problems with the blunt instrument of government power? Dirigisme? How gaucheProgressives love to pay lip sercive to equality and egalitarianism, yet never fail to support the centralization of state power that enriches corporations, benefits the 1%, harms the poor and the most vulnerable in society, and disincentivizes local solutions to local problems. Libertarianism is the real progressivism, and their focused hostility forces them to look in a mirror and wince.
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