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  2. "Both ends of the spectrum should be concerned about the rising US oligarchy. Last week several Republican presidential hopefuls trekked to Las Vegas to pay their respects to Sheldon Adelson, the gaming billionaire, who owns casinos in Nevada, Macau and Singapore. Mr Adelson wants to ban online gambling because he sees it as a threat to his vast offline empire. He is prepared to throw tens of millions of dollars at whoever will take up his cause. In practice, mainstream candidates, such as Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, and Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, are likely to smell a rat. That means the money will probably go to a Christian conservative such as Rick Santorum, who is fanatical enough to tarnish his party’s electability. If one man and his millions can alter a party’s nomination, he can wreck the party. Genuine conservatives ought to worry."
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