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  2. Dark Wallet puede ser una herramienta para devolver bitcoin a su posición como moneda al margen de los grandes discursos
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  3. “The most astonishing aspect of life at Valve is that there are no bosses,” said Varoufakis, an economist from the University of Athens with notable publications on the Euro Crisis. “It contains no explicit hierarchy. It’s based on what several members of the company have described to me as the principles of anarcho-syndicalism. Effectively, free association of employees with one another.”
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  4. "“I have connected with a few other individuals who are interested in founding a free school in alignment with meeting the unique needs of each individual child involved while honoring their autonomy and curiosity,” bringing up the idea of “unschooling” in a group setting. In addition, Testa told TSW that a dispute resolution and mediation service would inspire her as well, looking towards solving community problems through a win/win situation and not a punishment/reward model – calling that the status quo."
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