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  1. Using OsmAnd, you can plan your trip, build new or use ready routes.
    Tags: , por litox (2019-10-06)
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  2. Herramienta para crear un Curriculum Vitae con un buen diseño.
    Tags: , por litox (2018-01-27)
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  3. «Instead, newsrooms are directing interaction and engagement to social media. As a result, tools are limited, giant corporations control the data, and news organizations cannot build a direct relationship with their audience.

    At Mozilla, we’re not giving up on online comments. We believe that engaging readers and building community around the news strengthens not just journalism, but also open society. We believe comments are a fundamental part of the decentralized web.»
    Tags: , , , por litox (2017-09-30)
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  4. «Considering the rate of language extinction is so high, there is a need for constant intervention. I have personally started a project called OpenSpeaks to build OERs and help citizen archivists create multimedia language documentation. I hope to curate content for a broader audience and use that content to build digital accessibility and other tools that will help native language speakers access knowledge and contribute to the commons.»
    Tags: por litox (2017-08-02)
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  5. Cartografía de las "Internets" alternativas, principalente redes comunitarias y un nuevo descubrimiento las redes tolerantes a retrasos (DTN), con software preparado para ello, muy útiles en redes que aún se están formando.
    Tags: , , , , por litox (2015-10-26)
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  6. In addition to building its own engines, rocket bodies, and capsules, SpaceX designed its own motherboards and circuits, sensors to detect vibrations, flight computers, and solar panels. On a radio, SpaceX’s engineers found that they could reduce the weight of the device by about 20 percent. And the cost savings were dramatic, dropping from the $50,000 to $100,000 for the industrial-grade equipment used by aerospace companies to $5,000
    Tags: por arriazu (2015-05-17)
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    Tags: por arriazu (2015-04-03)
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  9. Plataforma para makers del hogar, por ahora con pocos proyectos, pero llama la atención el frigorífico inteligente.
    Tags: por litox (2015-03-11)
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